We're on a mission to help chiropractors practising NSA build and strengthen their internet presence through the connection, validation and integration of individual practitioner websites in a collaborative, online directory platform with robust internet marketing features.

"chiropractors practising NSA"

  • Licensed chiropractors practising Network Spinal Analysis (NSA) and/or Somato Respiratory Integration (SRI).

"build and strengthen their internet presence"

  • Improve domain reputation and gain trust for queries on targeted keywords including "chiropractor" to improve the organic ranking of practitioner websites in all major search engines.

"through the connection, validation and integration"

  • Connection - connecting individual practitioner websites, via organic links, into a central authoritative hub for chiropractors practising Network Spinal Analysis.
  • Validation - validating individual practitioner website content for keywords tuned to chiropractor, health, wellness, etc.
  • Integration - integration far beyond website homepages with fine-detailed resolution to deepen and enrich your web presence

"of individual practitioner websites"

  • Public websites designed primarily for the purposes of marketing a chiropractor's practice of NSA

"in a collaborative, online directory platform"

  • We're stronger as one. The more people we connect, validate and integrate, the more powerful the result for our entire community.

"with robust internet marketing features"

  • Individual practitioners are able to create an intricate web between their site and our search engine marketing platform.