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The answer is simple: the sites serve two completely different purposes. Our site is tuned to local searches in your area for CHIROPRACTORS. You will not find the term 'Chiropractor' anywhere on the ARHPTM site. This is why if you want to benefit from - and get indexed for - people searching for CHIROPRACTORS locally in your area, you will want to list your site with

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This exclusive directory offers us a unique opportunity to pool our resources and efforts to gain a marketing advantage rather than being left competing as individuals with each other. Network Chiropractors Canada is the first directory of it's kind to offer a high caliber online tool-set previously only available through commercial online directories such as,, etc. What is especially unique is that, by linking all our sites together through this common directory we are gaining online clout without really competing with each other geographically. This will give each chiropractor practicing NSA an advantage in their local online rankings because we have a high ranking directory site that is not only exclusive to chiropractors, but exclusive to chiropractors practicing NSA, who are not in direct local competition.