There are three main ways that we ask you to link to

1. Link to our directory home page

Help your practice members refer their family and friends to other chiropractors practicing NSA across Canada. This link could fit nicely on your site in a section called weblinks or perhaps a section called trusted practitioners.


2. Link to our 'What is Network Spinal Analysis?' page

Create an opportunity for your readers to experience NSA as an established and credible technique through external validation. Use this link to provide reference to your explanation of NSA.


3. Link to your profile page (PREMIUM members only)

Link directly to the address of your PREMIUM practice listing and fortify your online presence. Use this link in your about section where you might already have a link to your provincial regulatory body or where you have links to other memberships and associations to which you belong.

URL: This URL is derived from your username and is assigned to you by us. PREMIUM members can check their unique custom URL by using the directory listing to navigate to and access their profile page. Simnply copy the URL from the address bar of your internet browser to place the link on your site.