Network Spinal Analysis is a rapidly growing and evolving system assessing and contributing to spinal and neural integrity, health and wellness.

Network Spinal Analysis provides a clinical framework, which allows doctors of chiropractic to work with individuals, in structured levels of care, to achieve specific neuro-spinal, wellness enhancing strategies.

Network has been described by its developer, Donald Epstein, D.C., as:

"a clinical assessment of the spine.. utiliz[ing] certain chiropractic methods and employ[ing] concepts derived from a variety of health professions and theoretical sciences."

Using precise, gentle, low-force (light touch) contacts along the spine, to help the brain connect more effectively with the body, individuals learn to find and release tension from spinal structures.

See how a Network Chiropractor would work with you in structured levels of care to achieve specific neuro-spinal, wellness enhancing strategies.

Network Spinal Analysis Care Demonstration Videos

As strategies evolve and neuro-spinal integrity increases, practice members report less stress, improved physical, emotional and psychological well-being, more life enjoyment, self-motivated lifestyle changes, and improved overall quality of life.

NSA has been practiced by chiropractors since the 1980s and is one of many named technique systems that are available in chiropractic. There are several studies and research papers which have been published about this approach and NSA is one of the most well researched and documented named techniques in chiropractic.

Research published on Network Spinal Analysis and the Network Wave can be found at: